Tete a Tetes - French conversations courses on the northern beaches

About Tête-à-Têtes and Adeline

Tête-à-Têtes: French Conversations is the brainchild of Adeline, a native French speaker from Grenoble in the south-east of France.

Adeline has lived and worked in Australia for more than ten years and is equally divided in her love for Australia and her love for France.

Adeline started Tête-à-Têtes: French Conversations out of a desire to share her passion for the French language, France and French culture. She saw a need for a more personal, realistic French language course that went beyond the constraints of textbooks and the classroom.

The joy of learning French

But more than anything, she wanted to show that learning French could be pleasurable, a joy to be savoured.

“Learning a language like French should not be a chore, or hard work. I believe learning is a joyous thing. It should be about interaction and having fun together. My clients see their weekly French conversations as a lovely little pleasure in their week, it’s an indulgence they take for themselves,” Adeline says.

“Every French lesson, be it for the French Conversations Course or the small Conversation group, is like a mini trip to France. We speak the language, we explore the cities and countryside, we discuss (and taste!) the food and wine.”

Adeline not only coaches her many clients in French, but also her three young children. Her three, seven and ten year old speak French fluently at home, and English at school.

Adeline and her family in Sydney Northern Beaches