Tete a Tetes - French conversations courses on the northern beaches


I recently just finished my first course of French with Adeline, and I’m really looking forward to continuing in the new year!.. read more

 Adeline is a superb teacher, who brings the world of learning French to life. From learning all about France and where to travel, to talking about French films or learning about French food, Adeline is a true source of inspiration. One of my biggest challenges personally was to become more confident in speaking, and I feel so much more confident now than before. The structured programme and conversational style of teaching has helped me immensely! I thoroughly recommend Tête-à-Têtes to anyone who would like to learn French, to practice French or simply to be immersed in French culture!

  — Una from Fairlight

“Adeline is a wonderful teacher.  I love the way she integrates learning not just the language, but also learning about the people, the culture, the food and of course the wines of France… read more

Each lesson is thoughtfully prepared and tailored specifically – which was great for me (a struggling beginner…) and I really feel that my French improved after every lesson. It’s also great getting out of the classroom and into ‘real life’ situations like the supermarket or the Café and practicing French throughout these lessons, it certainly gave me the confidence to start speaking French more.  Adeline encourages you every step of the way and I would highly recommend Tête-à-Têtes to anyone wishing to practice and learn French..” 

  — Lisa from North Narrabeen

“Adeline is thoroughly French and just being around her makes you wish you were too! She instilled confidence in me and helped me overcome my fear of speaking French… read more

Her program is fantastic because, instead of sitting in a classroom pretending to be in real life scenarios, Adeline brings those scenarios to life. You really ARE in the grocery store and you really ARE sitting in a cafe discussing current affairs. I found the realistic aspect of Adeline’s program so much more enjoyable than sitting in a classroom reading from a textbook.
I highly recommend Tête-à-Têtes for anyone who wants to improve their French speaking & conversational skills.”

  — Jo from Neutral Bay –

“I contacted Adeline at Tête-à-Têtes last year as I was looking for a person of French origin to help me better understand and learn more about France, it’s language, culture, geography and cuisine… read more

Initially Adeline tailor made a program that over the time has evolved in various directions based on my changing abilities and interests. This unique versatility will be extremely useful to anyone who wishes to study or is studying French and wants to learn more about or travel France and to better understand its language and its people.”

  — Chris from the Northern Beaches

“Les conversations avec vous, avant notre depart pour le Maroc, Italie et la France, etaient de grandes assistances pour notre confiance dans notre voyage… read more

Even though my French was basic, the practice made it fun to try.  People responded positively to our efforts. I actually managed friendly conversations with non English speakers, while in France in coffee shops, on the train and shopping. Two of our Moroccan drivers had no English, but we could still learn a lot about the countryside, and ask myriad questions in our French.
I would recommend that people who are going to a French speaking country have a couple of hours of conversation with Adeline, to make themselves more comfortable and even manage to go shopping and survive.”

  — Alan from Manly

“I recently completed a 10 lesson course with Adeline. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn basic French in a fun way… read more

Adeline is a good and patient teacher (and a good cook). She makes the course relevant to the learner’s needs. She gave me some excellent references for further study and I learned a lot about French culture. I especially liked learning French idioms – makes my French sound authentic.”

  — Peggy from Manly